Wall Street Strengthened Again, The Dow Jones Index Rose 360.58 Points

Market News

The US stock exchange or better known as Wall Street strengthened in the last two days of trading last week. Wall Street strengthened in the trading session on Thursday, May 13, 2021 after plunging in the previous trading session. Investors began to buy stocks again, pushing Wall Street back to strength.

At the close of Wall Street trading session, the Down Jones stock index strengthened by 43,379 points to the level of 34,382.1. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 stock index rose 1.2% to 4,112.50. The Nasdaq stock index climbed 0.7% to 13,124.99. This situation was driven by the re-entry of investors into technology-based stocks such as Apple and Microsoft stocks where both stocks rose more than 1.5%.

Meanwhile, shares of Tesla fell by 3%. Tesla shares are down in 11 trading sessions from 13 trading sessions and have underperformed since March 2020 on a weekly basis. Tesla shares were down 14.97% on a weekly basis.

Shares of airline industry players such as American Airlines, United and Delta recorded better stock performance when each recorded an increase of 2%.

However, a panic situation in the trading session on Wednesday 13 May 2021 occurred when the Dow Jones Index fell and recorded its worst session since January following investors' concerns that interest rates may rise when inflation rises more than expected.